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Bluetooth Light Bulb

A perfect 16 million colors lighting bulb with adjustable brightness and preset modes for lighting up your home.


The LifeSmart Bluetooth Light Bulbs workindependently, and provide a creative light environment, which replacetraditional light bulbs. Via a mobile device through bluetooth, illumination,color selection, dynamic lighting effects and smart interactions with otherdevices can be set and changed in real time to create the perfect atmosphere athome. It also provides different modes: “music mode”, allowing thecolors to respond dynamically to the music being played, “shake & playmode”, causing shaking of your phone to interact with the bulb’s behavior,”good-night mode”, helping you to fall asleep with relaxing colors.

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  • 16 Million Color
  • Sheduling On/Off
  • Music Mode with Music
  • Fun Mode with Shake
  • Light Group Control


Model Number LS030UN
Lighting Color 16 million colors + white
Lamp Model E27
Luminous Flux 220lm
Operating Temperature -5~45°C
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Static consumption:<0.5W

Nominal consumption:6W(RGB 3W,white 3W)

Radio Protocol Bluetooth
Signal Range(Open Field) 20m
Color Silver
Dimension φ50*110mm
Weight 78g
Casing Aluminum alloy

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